InVictus Athletes Training Focuses on..

  • Sport Specific Skills Set Training
    • Basketball-Baseball-Volleyball-Soccer
  • Strength & Conditioning Performance Training
    • All Athletes
  • Team Concept Dynamics Training
    • Basketball-Baseball-Volleyball-Soccer

All Training can be done…

  • Individually
  • In Small Groups
  • In Team Settings
  • OR Online
    • We make the program and you do the work!!

General Population Training…

IVA does not limit our training to just athletes. We create Top of the line Training Programs for all Demographics!

  • Adults
  • Seniors Citizens
  • Corporations
  • Handicap, Disabled or Special Needs
  • Toddler Motor Development


*Warning: All training that we offer is for those athletes & individuals who are serious about improving their overall performance and health. Training regimes are rigorous and at times exhausting. Simply put…you will have fun improving, but the work will not be easy!

Contact us to schedule training!

Coach Taylor Lozano

Phone: 570-517-1614