MCBC Business Agreement & Application

Business Information

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Business Agreement Terms & Conditions

In consideration of participating in all activities hosted by MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD I represent, that I understand the nature of these activities and that I am qualified to authorize the Participating Business to be a part of the MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD program and guarantee the offer of a predetermined promotion to MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD Members that is exclusive to MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD Members. The participating business WILL participate in activities for one year effective on the date of signature including, but not limited to the following; Offering MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD Members predetermined deals, promotions, discounts and other exclusive services that will ONLY be available to MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD Members.

Furthermore, the participating business understand that my business will be used in promotional material and advertising that is directly linked to the MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD program. The Participating Business irrevocably grant to MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD the perpetual, royalty free license and permission to use, reuse, publish, republish the participating businesses, likeness, name, brand and photograph, in whole or in part, at MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD sole discretion, in conjunction with the MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD Uses and promotion thereof. MONROE COUNTY BLACK CARD Uses include, but are not limited to, DVDs, photographs, cassettes, compact discs, transcripts and publications in written, electronic, digital and other formats now existing or later developed for sale, license, distribution, transmission or posting or download from the Internet. The participating business agree and state that they have fully read and understand this business Agreement/Contract and voluntarily sign the same.

In addition, by signing this contract I confirm that the participating business mentioned above and below will not engage in any activities that can be reasonably seen as direct competition to the Monroe County Black Card program for the next ten years from the date of signature below. I also understand that the Monroe County Black card Management Team maintains the right to expel, dismiss or discontinue this business agreement at any time for any reason.