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Who Are You?

Growing up as a competitive athlete, I often identified myself as an "Athlete", or a "Basketball player". But what happened when I was unable to play the sport I identified myself with my entire life due to a reoccurring cycle of injuries? I began asking myself a series of questions... Who was I? Where did [...]

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What Drives you?

When we're younger we often strive to find a sport, activity, or hobby we love. Some people find it right away, others may take time, or maybe they never find it. Love is a strong word, especially when it is used towards a hobby. If and when you find that passion, you tend to identify yourself with it, spend the [...]

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Don’t be a SLAVE to Stats

Why has sports become all about the numbers? Whether scoring, rebounds, assists, etc. This often drives athletes to no longer play the game for their teams but for themselves and how they are rewarded. What ever happened to winning being enough? Nowadays, athletes would rather lose by 20 points as long as it meant they [...]

Speed Training scams

There are always a lot of people out there that claim they can get you faster or they can get you to jump higher. Well here is some blunt honesty for you, No one has the magic dust that they can sprinkle on you to make you jump 10 inches higher or run 10 times [...]

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The Kobe/MJ Mindset

A lot of people give Durant and LeBron a hard time for picking up and leaving their teams to go after "Easier" Rings. The most typical comment you get is that "Kobe and Jordan would not have done that!" Well Jordan and Kobe are in a class all their own. This is not to say [...]

Below the Rim Finishers

Curry, Irving, Thomas, Lillard...What do these guys have in common?...Well a lot, but lets talk about their ability to finish at the rim among the seven foot tree's that are in the NBA. All these guys are "undersized" (By NBA standards) yet they can still finish with the best of them. These guys are not [...]