IVA strives to meet our coaches, our student athletes and their families where they are at in all walks of life. Train them up to perform at a high level of excellence in their sport, while Introducing them to Christ. Through our coaching and mentorship, we pray that the people we encounter will experience the intimacy and realness of Christ in every moment of their lives. This will be accomplished through a high level of excellence in three dimensions of training – 1.) Skills of the Sport, 2.) Strength of the Body, and 3.) The Discipleship of a Faith walk in Christ. The mission is to train up future Leaders to disciple disciples who disciple disciples and to cultivate a positive Christ Centered “Next Generation” one coach, one student athlete and one family at a time …

Our story


InVictus Athletes (IVA) was founded by married couple Marcanthony Lozano & Taylor Maldonado-Lozano. Marc and Taylor started training college, high school and grade school athletes in the game of basketball. During the early life of IVA Marc and Taylor began to realize that basketball and sports were playing a far too dominant role in the lives of young athletes and their families. IVA then turned to a global organization called Athletes in Action (AIA) for help and advice on how to combat the psychological issues and the all to prevalent Identity crisis that was taking place in young athletes and the world of sports at large. Athletes in Action is a Christian Faith Based Global Outreach Ministry that is under the larger Christian organization CRU. AIA helped and continues to help Marc and Taylor realize the importance of Christian Virtues and Biblical principles in both life and sport. Now, Marc and Taylor are Faithfully Committed to helping all athletes, people and their families improve their physical performance, mental health and spiritual wellbeing through elite training and communication of Biblical Principles/Christian Virtues.


IVA cannot express their continued gratitude to AIA in any way that would give AIA justice. Therefore, IVA can only say “Thank You!” And of course, AIA will always be in the prayers of the IVA coaches, staff and athletes. Athletes in Action continues to play a crucial role in the development of InVictus and their athletes in many ways. This generosity by AIA will always be appreciated.


IVA is not just a two-person operation! Will Michaels and his son Jessey Michaels have and will continue to play a crucial part in all IVA operations. Jessey Michaels will be IVA’s LEAD Coach for all team oriented activities. Will Michaels is an Athletes in Action employee who has come on board with IVA to help in a huge way with administration activities and more importantly the Discipleship of our staff, clients, athletes and their families.