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Can kids lift weights?…YES!

Parents ask us all the time about weightlifting for their child is it okay for them to get in the weight room if they are only 10, 11, 12 years old. The answer is yes! However, there are right ways and wrong ways to do things. A young child just starting out first and foremost [...]

90% mental 10% everything else

90% mental 10% everything else! I used to ask one of my coaches a lot of questions like "How do I jump higher?", "How do I become a better shooter?", "How do I run faster?" He always answered these questions the same way. "Jump higher!" "Shoot better!" "Run faster!" It was like he was a [...]

Shooting, Dribbling, Playing Defense…There is never just one right way.

All of the kids who come to us for training have bad habits. However, in the game of basketball one bad habit reigns supreme. The worst bad habit of them all is if you think there is just one RIGHT way to do something. Let me explain... The worst habit you can possibly have is [...]

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Steph Curry & 2 seventh graders

Had an interesting debate with some colleagues the other day. Here is the scenario; You take a five man roster of the following guys, A healthy Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Steph Curry, and two seventh graders that can play a little bit of basketball. Maybe theses seventh graders are just the best on their middle [...]

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Big Thanks to the Charles Chrin Community Center

Coach Marc and I had a blast with our athletes at the Palmer Rec. Center. We had a broad range of age and skill level as you can see here in this pic with coach Marc (while he puts the kids through his signature Mirror drill). All the Athletes worked hard and got a great [...]

“The Athletic Trap”

Athletes from all sports always get TRAPPED by being good at something early! Take the best athlete in Football. He starts playing peewee football and the coach makes him the Quarterback and just lets him take off every play because no one he plays against can match his speed or agility. That kid probably gets [...]

Who Are You?

Growing up as a competitive athlete, I often identified myself as an "Athlete", or a "Basketball player". But what happened when I was unable to play the sport I identified myself with my entire life due to a reoccurring cycle of injuries? I began asking myself a series of questions... Who was I? Where did [...]

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What Drives you?

When we're younger we often strive to find a sport, activity, or hobby we love. Some people find it right away, others may take time, or maybe they never find it. Love is a strong word, especially when it is used towards a hobby. If and when you find that passion, you tend to identify yourself with it, spend the [...]

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Don’t be a SLAVE to Stats

Why has sports become all about the numbers? Whether scoring, rebounds, assists, etc. This often drives athletes to no longer play the game for their teams but for themselves and how they are rewarded. What ever happened to winning being enough? Nowadays, athletes would rather lose by 20 points as long as it meant they [...]

Speed Training scams

There are always a lot of people out there that claim they can get you faster or they can get you to jump higher. Well here is some blunt honesty for you, No one has the magic dust that they can sprinkle on you to make you jump 10 inches higher or run 10 times [...]

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